Why you should sell your stamps to me

I am a long-term investor that buys and holds valuable Chinese and Asian stamps. For me, this is not a way to make a quick buck by reselling your stamps at a higher price (that is what most dealers do). I can pay you a higher price than a dealer or an auction house since I will hold your stamps for at least 10-15 years and make money off of future appreciation.  By buying directly from you, we both benefit since we cut out the middlemen (auctions houses and dealers) that typically charge 30-70% to buy, hold and resell your stamps.

Dealers and auction houses have hi-expenses (store fronts, offices, printed catalogs, printed price lists, printed want lists, eBay stores, websites, online bidding systems, and employees). Their cost structure requires them to typically charge around 35-60% of the net proceeds they believe they will receive from your stamps as a fee. By buying directly from sellers that have inherited a collection they don’t want to keep, I cut out all these expenses. This means I can offer you more for your stamps than you could get from other buyers.  You will also be paid faster, since I will assess your collection quickly and pay you within 7 days of receiving your collection.  I pay you with PayPal or send you check.

Please view my eBay buyer's profile and do not hesitate to discuss your collection. I have 100% positive feedback ratings from over 250 stamp collection purchase transactions. Click here for my background. Please email me images of your stamp collection at jon@chinesestampbuyer.com for an offer. 

I am a member of The China Stamp Society and American Philatelic Society.  I strictly adhere to all of their ethical and business conduct standards.