Sell your ORGANIZED chinese stamp COLLECTION here



How to sell me an organized stamp collection in albums

I buy Chinese and other Asian stamps as a long-term (10+ year) investment.  Most valuable collections are organized by collectors who bought and traded for scarce stamps over many years. If your collection is NOT organized (in loose boxes or envelopes), click above to see how to sell me an unorganized collection.

The best way for me to accurately assess the value of your organized stamp collection is by you emailing me quality scans or pictures of  your stamps (scans are better than pictures). I need to know what stamps are in your collection and the condition of those stamps to make you a good offer. Once you receive my free no-risk preliminary offer, you decide whether you want to send the actual stamps to me, or pursue another method of selling your stamps (click here for other ways to sell your stamps). These other options will likely result in a lower price for your stamps but may be worth exploring.

Nobody can provide an accurate estimate of what your stamps are worth without seeing what stamps are in your collection. However, with high quality scans and digital photographs, I can do this online via email ( so my preliminary no-risk offer to you is free and accurate. You don’t need to drive to a dealer or a stamp show to have your stamps valued. This way you will have a good sense for what your collection is worth before handing your stamps over to me, a dealer or an auction house.

If you don’t have the time or equipment necessary to scan or photograph your collection, you can send me your actual stamps and bypass the preliminary offer. Do this by sending your collection to me.  Use the submittal form and follow the packing and shipping instructions.  I will then assess your collection upon receipt, but this means you won’t know the price I am willing to pay before you send the stamps to me.

Here are the steps involved in selling your stamps to me:

  1. Scan or takes pictures of all pages of your collection and email them to me.  I prefer scans, but pictures are fine too. If you have an inventory of the collection which shows catalog #s and catalog values for the individual stamps, please include that information as well in your email. 

  2. Upon receipt of your email images, I will provide a free assessment and an offer to buy your collection. This is a no-risk free offer that you can then use to compare with your other options (click here to see other options for selling stamps). If my offer is $800 or more, I will pay for all shipping costs for you to ship your collection to me.

  3. If you want to accept my offer, you should then send me the actual stamps with the signed offer. I will then examine the actual stamps. This is done within 3-7 business days of receiving the stamps. If the stamps check out, my original offer will stand.  I will send you a check or pay you via PayPal. You will be paid within 7-10 days. If you want to be paid faster, I can accommodate that for valuable collections.

  4. If I determine the stamps are not in as good of condition as were represented in the email, scans or pictures, I will withdraw or adjust my offer.  In this instance, if you don't want to accept my revised offer, I will then pay to have the stamps returned to you.


Email images of your Chinese stamps to for a free no-risk offer.