Sell your UNORGANIZED chinese stamps here

How to sell your unorganized collection of Chinese stamps in boxes or envelopes



  1. Don’t try to organize the collection unless you are a knowledgeable collector that can identify the stamps, and have lots of time to put into a project.
  2. Most unorganized  stamp collections are not worth much and should be donated to a local stamp club, a boy scout troop or veteran’s charitable organization. Please keep in mind that about 95% of used Chinese stamps are worth less than $0.75 and that the age of the stamp has little to do with the value or scarcity of the stamp.
  3. I will accept and assess unorganized  boxes of stamps from China and Asia (click here for information on other Asian countries), if you are willing to pay all shipping costs.  Click here for shipping and packaging instructions.
  4. Once I receive your stamps, I will assess your collection. If there are some valuable stamps in your shipment, I will email you a written offer.  If you want to accept the offer, you sign it and return it to me by email to get paid (PayPal or by check).  If  I don't want to buy your stamps or you don't want to accept my offer, I will return the stamps to you,  but you will be responsible for the return shipping costs or you can agree to have me discard the collection.
  5. All stamps should be sent by USPS or UPS using our submittal form and packaging instructions:

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